We build purpose driven products and companies.

We are a startup studio that combines great thinking with great execution. We help you with business strategy, branding, product design, UI/UX design and web/app development.

About us

We are not an agency. We are a small and dedicated team with a trusted network of passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to help you build a focused, purpose driven, well-designed, authentic business.

We provide specialist resources, business knowledge, creativity and guidance to startups.

We believe in making the world spin a little happier by making useful products available to all and to inspire and empower entrepreneurship.

What we believe

One team: Client + Moonbase Co.

A startup requires a team that understands the importance expectations, goals and communication. You participate directly with us in a collaborative process with less meetings and more getting things done.

Empathy = business

Empathy might just be the most important part of building your company, product or service. Understanding people means you understand how you lead them, how you guide them, how you can benefit from eachother and how you grow together.

Build relationships

Your brand is the relationship you and your audience have with each other. It’s a conversation that goes both ways. We create lean identities, build to grow and evolve with the relationship you have with your audience.

Focus + clarity

Our aim is clarity, not cleverness. We set clear goals and expectations. Everything we do is defined by clarity and simplicity. We help you find your “why” and focus on the essence of your company, product or service.

Purpose driven

Every asset we add to your brand inventory will serve a purpose. Whether it's about your identity, an interface element in your app, or a sentence on your landing page. We strongly believe in removing noise, death to bullshit and killing darlings.

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We build products, brands, technology, and anything else we love building. If you are looking for startup advise or someone to help you launch your idea, we love to hear from you.

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